Sunday, September 6, 2009


I'm going to try a new tack with my practicing. With tinwhistle and fiddle I'm going to pick one song and work on it until I have it memorized. That's the only way to begin building up a repertoire. If I just keep going through lots of songs each time I'll keep relying on the sheet music instead of memorizing things. SO...


Working on "Old Joe Clark" because it has some cool features like those two half-notes on the 3rd string. And it's short enough to be do-able!


I worked on "Cooley's Reel" today, but I may change my mind. I'm going to visit Whistle This and see if I like any others better. (I'll probably work on "Morrison's, though it makes me dizzy!)


Haven't done today. Probably just more practicing chords, strums, picking patterns and maybe playing through a song or two.