Thursday, August 6, 2009

A "little" guitar practice...


Didn't get as far as I'd planned. Seems Justin's guitar lesson site is experiencing a few problems and I get a lot of "broken link" boxes. Anyway, I did...

Finger Workout-1st fret

Pluck and strum on all chords.

1 minute changes:
C7-E7 34
B7-A7 44
D-Dm 58
G7-C 50
D7-Dm 50


Shortnin' Bread
Ida Red
Bilem Cabbage
Cripple Creek
Old Joe Clark

Not getting great on the fiddle, but I'm getting less inhibited about trying new things. Who cares if I'm holding the bow exactly right! It's comfortable for me. I don't think all of those old timey mountain fiddlers really worried about that. They just practiced until they got the sounds they wanted. I'll never be a classical violinist...but I sure do like to listen to them! Onward and upward!


Road to Lisdoonvarna
Star of the County Down
Cooley's Reel
Si Bheag, Si Mhor

Not getting great on tinwhistle either, but it's getting a little more intuitive to match my fingers to the dots in the tablature. That's progress! Now I'm going to copy off some new songs at

Vaya con dios! (My language lesson of the day. Go with God!)