Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sheesh! I'm gettin' pretty bad about practicin'!


But I'm not giving up! =0)

Today I've practiced:

My Savior, My God-I watched the video tutorial and wrote down the basic chords and played it through several times in my simple style. Aaron Shust does a lot of little extra notes (and uses more fingers than I can!) but at least I'm getting a simple version worked out and I'm practicing changing chords and I'm singing my way through it.

Beautiful Blood I tried this with the capo on the 2nd fret. It's a little high on a couple of notes and a little low on a few, but it's about as much in the middle as you can get. Here again, I'm playing it very simply. You change chords just about every other word, so that's enough to think about right now. I love the message!

I started to do "Through the Motions", but I don't really think this is a song I'm going to do in "real life". Nice message, but I'll let him do it. LOL! Probably same story with "East to West". I'll listen to them a lot, but probably won't play them. Just not ready to learn all those chords with slashes in the middle. ;)

Take Me In Strummed through this to practice the chords and sang through a couple of times.

You Are My Hiding Place Strummed and sang through a couple of times. Need practice on B, B7 and Bm chords.

Pioneer Played and sang through.

I'm not learning lots of new things as far as technique on the guitar, but I want to at least "tread water" as far as practicing the chords I know and trying to figure out simple versions I can actually play. And I'm keeping the callouses tough so I don't have to start from scratch. Very important! =0)