Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some progress...

I have to be content with small steps of progress. Real life just doesn't allow me time to sit and play the guitar, fiddle and whistle for hours at a time every day, which is what one must do to be a good musician. So, I enjoy the small steps...


I was a little frustrated at the sloppy, scribbled lyrics and chords I had for "Crimson Stream" and "Psalm 62", so I took the time to find good versions online and printed them out. I found lyrics for "Psalm 62" in one place and good "chord cheats" to make it easier for me to play in another place, so I spent a good deal of time typing the chords in over the lyrics in Wordpad. It worked out really slick and I attached copies of the chord diagrams for the "cheat" chords. Ready to really practice!

Played through both of these songs several times.


Played "Old Joe Clark" a couple of times.