Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Pigged out on practice today! It's been hard to fit it in the last few days. I kind of have to alternate between exercising and practicing music. Only so many hours in a day!


Cooley's Reel
Si Bheag, Si Mhor
South Wind


Ida Red
Bilem Cabbage Down (get it? boil them cabbage down...)
Cripple Creek


Did 1 minute changes:
Am-E 58
Am-Dm 42 hard
A-Dm 52
E-D 66
Em-D 54

Went on to Stage 3 Training.
Learned (re-learned) G and C chords.
Also learned names of open strings. (already knew)
Did the Basic Finger Workout which is really hard, but gets your hand in shape to stretch for harder chords.
Learned a basic strum with an upstrum.

Ear training:

Chord quality recognition (is it major or minor)

Chord Progression Recognition:
1. G C D C
2. Am Em D C
3. Am C G E

1 minute changes with new chords:
C-Am 57
C-A 36 hard
C-G 42 hard
G-E 49 hrd
G-D 60