Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mother Lode...


I listened to a CD I made of several tinwhistle tunes from the Whistle This website. Does that count for anything? =0)

I found quite a few songs I can work on for guitar practice. Some Selah, Keith Green, Honeytree, etc. I'll have to look up a few chords we haven't covered yet, but that shouldn't be a problem.


Finger Workout-2nd and 3rd fret (I should see what the next level of exercises is like.)

Chord practice

1 minute changes:
B7-Fmaj7 32
C7-G7 27
Dm-D7 39
A7-E7 60
B7-Dm 30

Practiced the strumming patterns learned so far.

Started to practice "Killing Me Softly", but had to go help Bob fix the fence and get the horses back in. Farm life.